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New York Association of Flower Cake Designer

New York Association of Flower Cake Designers(NYAFCD) has been created to share the techniques of piping flower cakes, Nerikiri art, icing cookies, and creating meringue cookies from all over the world since 2020. 

NYAFCD’s goal is to promote the unique artistry of piping and to spread it further in our communities. We strive to further enhance the abilities of baking artists and artisans. 


NYAFCD courses include the following:


  1.   Beginner Piping - Creating Basic Flowers and Piping Tip Skills

  2.   Cake Creator- Assembly, Filling, Icing , making Complex Flowers

  3.   Master Instructor Level - Advanced Piping Skills, Cake  and Cream Recipes, Design Techniques and Color Theory

When your course is completed, you will be issued a formal New York Association of Flower Cake Designers(NYAFCD) certification.​


Our classroom studio is located in the Little Neck neighborhood of Queens, New York.​


I’m looking forward to teaching you the unique artistry of piping!



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