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About Me


I'm Hannah, originally from Taiwan and live in New York.

I started my baking journey in 2017 and graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in 2018 with a focus on Pastry and Baking Arts. Since then, I've obtained several cake decorating and instructor certifications from Taiwan, Korea, and other regions. After mastering various piping techniques, I developed my unique style of flower piping and founded the New York Association of Flower Cake Designers (NYAFCD).

I specialize in piping floral cakes, Japanese-style wagashi, frosted cookies, meringue cookies, and Taiwanese desserts. I also teach cake decorating classes.

What makes my cakes special? My recipes are inspired by Taiwanese and Japanese traditions, resulting in desserts that are less sweet than typical American bakery items and offer a delightful and unique taste experience.

This website shares my work and life as a baker. Feel free to contact me for more information about placing orders and the types of classes I offer.

Our private studio is located in Little Neck, Queens.

We currently offer the following certificate courses and custom orders:

  • Cream Clay Sculpting

  • Piping Flower Cake Designer

  • Beeswax Flower Candle

  • Japanese Wagashi

  • Icing Cookies

  • Meringue Cookies

  • Character Cakes

All of these are certified instructor courses. Upon course completion and approval of their work, students can apply for instructor licenses with the respective organizations/associations. We also offer one-day workshops.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share my passion for baking with you!

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